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ANF consulting lTD


UAVs or "Drones" are becoming more and more common and their use is becoming extensive and increasingly controversial as safety and privacy aspects become tested by inappropriate and illegal use of these aircraft.

ANF Consulting operate their aircraft under a CAA Permit for Commercial Operations and Approved Flight Procedure and are registered with the CAA as a Registered Operator. We also carry full third party aviation insurance to provide clients with a perspective unrivalled by ground based techniques and at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial photography.  

We use our engineering expertise to allow our drone to provide the information needed to serve our client's needs.

The HD images available allow sites to be assessed, record photographs taken, promotional documents and websites enhanced, in a competent and cost effective manner.

Our library of images is extensive so for examples of what we can offer please contact us, we'd be glad to show you what we can do.