ANF Consulting have extensive experience acting as lead designers on a number of hydropower schemes from 100kW to 1.8MW for a range of clients, throughout the UK. 

​This experience, with a variety of turbine types, including Archimedes Screws and  Kaplan turbines, from several different turbine manufacturers has allowed the commercial realisation of energy from water at a variety of new sites and the expansion of existing ones, using the best technology for your site.

​Services include initial site appraisal and commercial assessment to licencing, detailed design, construction  and commissioning.

​In providing these services we use our other skills such as aerial surveys and our in-house designed and developed "Bathy Boat" allowing us to survey inland restricted waterways to ascertain underwater profiles and identify obstructions or issues which cannot always be seen.

​We have also been integral in the design and realisation of horizontal fine screens suitable for hydro plant intakes, unique to the UK. This expertise, allows the fine screening requirements of the EA, as low as 6mm aperture, to be achieved without compromising operational efficiencies of low head sites. This development has opened up numerous sites to far more efficient Kaplan turbines rather than Archimedes Screw generators (which do not have such onerous screening requirements). This allows sites to be properly assessed and the most cost effective turbine type selected for each scheme.

​In 2017 we were delighted to receive a commendation for our hydro site at Kirkthorpe in the British Construction Industry Awards. It was great to receive national recognition of our work at this prestigious event. 


​​​Specialist Consultancy Services

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