​​​Specialist Consultancy Services


Our management service can be tailored to suit individual requirements but would usually include remote monitoring to ensure plants are not stood idle, that alarms are responded to and that all issues which mayimpact upon run time and output are dealt with quickly.

Working with partners we can also assist with securing weekly inspection visits, screen clearance and lubrication services and round the clock response to ensure that events which cannot be managed remotely are attended to quickly on the ground and plants are brought back to full production with minimal delay. 

​Our experience in not only helping clients operate hydro plants, but in designing and constructing them gives us an in depth knowledge in the issues which impact upon production. We also have an extensive contact base within the hydropower industry enabling us to help clients bring in technical expertise when maintenance or repair works are required to minimise any potential downtime.

​Output monitoring is a key aspect of hydropower management. Monthly and annual output against expectations and rainfall data can often identify areas of improvement which can help increase output and revenue. Our services include such monitoring and reporting including historical performance assessments and future output forecasting so clients have confidence that their investment is being fully utilised and yielding the highest return it can. 

​If this service would help you to maximise the potential from your hydro plant please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss what would work best for you.

Building a hydropower plant is a great achievement and for many the realisation of a long held dream. However it is also the start of the vital stage of operations which needs to be professionally managed if the investment return is to be fully maximised.

​At ANF Consulting we assist clients in operating a number of hydropower plants ensuring that they deliver on their output expectations, are properly maintained to ensure long life from installed assets and suffer minimal down time. 

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