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In developing our services to support our water based clients we became aware that when working in any kind of watercourse it is essential to understand what lies beneath the surface. The problem was that traditional survey craft, even in small boats, were expensive and had launching and recovery issues, especially if the water course was not navigable. Add a hazard such as weir and the safety issues simply prevented the gathering of this information.

​Recognising this difficulty and the commercial risks of developing a water based scheme without this information, ANF Consulting designed and built it's own remote controlled survey craft. We call it our "Bathy Boat".

​The craft can be launched and recovered by a single operator, so long as access to the water's edge can be reached, and provides a mass of pinpoint data points allowing the bottom of the watercourse to be plotted as a 2D or 3D surface with a contour map of the bottom of the river of lake being produced. Being remotely controlled it can access areas where people simply cannot go (though we would hate to lose her) allowing us to survey close to intakes and weirs, subject to flows and conditions.

​Projects where this has been used have included hydro projects sub-river cable crossings using directional drilling and scour investigations.


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