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Amber House Hydro Scheme

Amber House Hydro scheme is currently being planned and designed for a private client to form part of a wedding venue development on a private estate in Derbyshire.  

​The design includes a twin cell crossflow turbine rated  at 12kW and includes EA licencing.

​The scheme is due to start construction in summer 2020.


Thrybergh Hydro Scheme

​Thrybergh Hydro scheme was designed for client Yorkshire Hydropower Ltd on the River Don close to Rotherham in South Yorkshire, on a weir owned by the Canal and River Trust as part of the River Don Navigation.

​The design included twin Archimedes Screw Turbines rated together at 280kW and included the design of a Larinier Fish Pass, Eel Passage and down steam fish migration features.

​The scheme was commissioned in October 2015.

​Kirkthorpe Hydro Scheme

Kirkthorpe Hydro scheme was the second project designed for client Yorkshire Hydropower Ltd. It is situated on the River Calder near Wakefield on another weir owned by the Canal and River Trust as part of the Aire and Calder Navigation.

The design utilises a 2m diameter double regulated Kaplan turbine rated at 500kW and includes a three flight Larinier fish pass, eel passage and down stream fish migration features.

​This project was required to have 9mm aperture inlet screening and the design included the bespoke design of the screen along with a horizontal screen cleaning system.

​Kirkthorpe was commissioned in December 2016 and was a shortlisted finalist at the prestigious British Construction Industry Awards 2017 for projects under £10M.

Knottingley Hydro Scheme

​Knottingley Hydro scheme is also built on a weir owned by the Canal and River Trust. Built around Brotherton Weir on the River Aire near Leeds this scheme, for client Northern Hydropower Ltd, is a twin 1.85m dia, double regulated Kaplan turbine installation.

​The two turbines will be electronically limited to 500kW to maximise Feed in Tariff returns but will provide around 2,800 MWhr of carbon free electrical power to a nearby flour processing mill per year.

​As with Kirkthorpe Hydro scheme Knottingley faced stringent screening requirements from the Environment Agency, this time with a 6mm screen aperture. A bespoke screen was designed utilising the screen cleaning system previously designed for Kirkthorpe to filter the water whilst maintaining a flow of up to 34 cumec to the turbines.

​This scheme was commissioned in November 2017.

​Clywedog Hydro Scheme

​Clywedog Hydro scheme was designed for client Mott MacDonald Bentley Ltd for Severn Trent Water on their Clywedog Reservoir in Mid Wales.

​The scheme was designed to supplement the output from two existing hydro turbines by utilising the discharge from both as it passed over a 5m high discharge weir, thus double generating from the same water. To minimise construction work an innovative 100kW syphonic Kaplan turbine was designed which almost completely eliminated invasive works on the existing dam structure.

​The scheme was commissioned in December 2016.

​Garnetts Mill Hydro Scheme

​Garnetts Mill Hydro scheme was designed for client Lowwood Products Ltd at their site on the River Wharfe in Otley, West Yorkshire.

​The twin archemedes screw turbines replace a previous hydro installation which existed within the mill which has previously occupied the site but is now replaced with a housing development.

​The 280kW scheme included design of a Larinier Fish pass and a Baulk Fish pass on this high quality fishing river.

​The scheme was commissioned in February 2017.