​​​Specialist Consultancy Services


ANF Consulting is a small and highly focussed company offering specialist skills and services.

​We are experienced in UK hydropower design where we work closely with clients and contractors to develop commercially viable schemes. In developing our skills we have identified a need for further specialist services and as such are qualified to fly our own UAV to provide the unique bird's eye perspective which can so often present a whole new aspect on a site or project. We have also designed and built our own "Bathy Boat", our small remote controlled survey craft which allows us to survey underwater profiles in restricted waterways or areas where it is simply not safe to deploy a manned vessel.

​Another key aspect of modern hydro schemes is the provision of fish passage. As part of our hydro schemes we have prepared detailed designs for all species fish passes including eel, elver & lamprey passes, complete with EA approval.

​Our staff have almost 30yrs experience of working with in the construction industry, both in the consultancy and contracting sides of the contract and this has allowed us to develop a very pragmatic and practical approach to construction problems. One such aspect is Temporary Works where we have expertise in the design and installation of temporary solutions to construction problems. This has developed further into providing bespoke training courses for contractors to improve their staff's awareness of temporary works and more formally to train and assess Temporary Works Coordinators.

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